Yacht trip with Kopar

Sailing trip on Harpa the yacht with a three course meal at Kopar

Treat yourself or someone you love with a wonderful cruise with the yacht Harpa before going for a starter, main course and dessert at Kopar.

The yacht Harpa opens at 5.30 pm. We sail from the old harbor from the pier directly below the Restaurant Kopar at 18.00 and see, the city from a new side. We sail by Viðey and Engey before we return to port after approx. 45 minutes later.

When you return to land after a pleasant voyage, starters, main courses and desserts await you at the restaurant Kopar, which is right by the pier.

Harpa is a 21 meter long yacht and very stable, good indoor space in the hall and lounge, restaurant and toilet. You can walk around and sit in front or on the upper deck and enjoy the view.

Price for sailing and starter, main course and dessert at Kopar: ISK 10,990

Sailing time is approx. 45 minutes.

Sailing around Reykjavík and priceless views of the mountains
starter, main course and dessert at the restaurant Kopar after the cruise. Note that the starter is served on the yacht.


Starter – Scallops with apples and dill cream.
Possibility of Vegan – Sour cauliflower with apples and ginger dressing.Main course – Fish of the day – The freshest fish served in the chef’s style.
Possibility of Vegan – Zucchini spaghetti with chicken bean balls, cashews and cherry tomatoes.
Dessert – Daim cheesecake with skyrsorbet and raspberry sauce.
Possibility of Vegan – Pina colada chocolate tart with blueberry sorbet and love fruit foam.

Age limit 14 years.

Further information and bookings by phone: 779-7779 or info@snekkjan.is

Straight link to the booking system : https://www.harpayachts.is/product/vid-elskum-alla-sigling-og-matur/