starts on the 24th of November

Kopars Christmas menu

Kopars Christmas menu starts on the 24th of November. A six-course menu is available all evenings at Kopar. See the menu here below.


  • 6-course Christmas menu – 11.500 ISK / with wine pairing 20.000 ISK.
  • 6-course vegan Christmas menu – 10.000 ISK / with wine pairing 18.500 ISK.

6 Course Christmas menu

Creamy Goose soup

With crispy croutons, mushroom foam and goose confit.

Smoked Arctic Char

Served with apples, sunchoke chips and dill.

Turkey Spring roll

Crunchy spring roll served with sweet potato purée, stuffing, pekan nuts and demi-glace.

Lightly Salted Cod

Ratatouille, mussels foam, ratte potato, pomegranate and Christmas nuts.

Rack of lamb

With potato and celeriac terrine, smoked ham and demi-glace.

Spiced date cake

with caramel, gingerbread crumble, sherry fromage and mandarin sorbet.

6 Course vegan Christmas menu

Creamy Beetroot soup

With aioli, dill oil and pickled cauliflower.

Grilled asparagus

Served with ginger dressing and crispy garlic.

Ratte potato

Served with ratatouille, herb cream and sunchoke chips.

Butternut squash

Served with quinoa tempeh, pickled red onion, Christmas nuts, avocado sauce and pomegranate.

Mushroom Wellington

Mashed sweet potato, mushrooms, kale and mushroom sauce.

Chocolate tart

With buckthorn sorbet and pistachio crumble.