We use a lot of fresh quality products so that your
experience reflects the great Icelandic produce.

The Bar

Surprise and seductive are the keywords at the bar. Traditional cocktails meet new waves of the cocktail world. You can enjoy a nice drink on our terrace by the harbour before your meal or sit outside after a nice dinner with coffee and cognac. If the weather is not cooperative we have heating lamps. The pride of the bar is the Icelandic fisherman’s Collection, a wall with an incredible selection of cognac and whiskey.

Old Harbour

Reykjavík is a fishing village. Everything is full of life by the old harbour. In the morning the fishermen go to sea and return later in the day with their catch of the day. As you stand on the pier you can feel the history of Reykjavík and watch the harbour life, the fishermen, people walking and enjoying life or young kids with their rods trying to catch some fish.
The fresh and energetic atmosphere of the old harbour is part of the experience when you dine at Kopar.